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Yuri Lushnichenko

Yuri Lushnichenko

The subject of my work is a graphic representation of various properties, reactions and phenomena of the human brain. I have called this area of ​​knowledge "Psygraphics."

I began to consciously draw from six years. For seven years I decided on the priorities of the images, and began to paint space, stars, moon and space rockets. In fifteen years, I woke up in the explorer. I was reading books on cosmology, bionics, philosophy, and science fiction. In ten years, to be exact for my birthday, September 15, 1964, I was given a thick book "The young artist", which were collected the masterpieces of world art and architecture with the illustrations, brief bibliographic texts, art summary... I liked it a lot - especially the images of the paintings and all the works of Leonardo da Vinci as a whole. He will become my ideal and "mental Master." Struck my fancy mystical paintings by Vrubel, Durer, landscapes Shishkin, "water" by Aivazovsky, expressiveness Rockwell Kent, mysterious landscapes Kuindji, Nicholas Roerich...

Surrealist, abstract artists for the most part did not touch me, I was only interested in the Impressionists in terms of expression, fill pictorial space, mysticism and images directly to the technique of execution of work... A huge impact on me and made of the very life of Francisco Goya and Van Gogh, Cézanne (the space of the canvas, color forms, the effect of the composition).

In June 1973, I set out on paper in a school exercise book, his thoughts on the new science of "intuistics" or "foundations of the theory of intuitive modeling systems." Went completely filled notebook with original graphical models, their illustrations and descriptions of new, hitherto not yet been proposed by the ideas of the laws of the philosophy of existence of this world... These graphic, more functional simulation models, formed the basis of the method of psychographic modeling as one of the "new" methods of self-knowledge and understanding of the formation of the known, but also completely new, "fantastic" knowledge.

In 1978, the year I won the contest for the best student research work with a report titled "The intuitive simulation of electronic circuits and formal automatic assembly of new devices." Then I realized that I could be a scientist or a science fiction writer...

But fate decreed otherwise, and the mighty hand of the future in 1982, which set me on my "plan-historical" place. The event is described by me in the story "Galactic Spring or the American version." From this moment begins the "Me" - the one who is "all this up and painted..."

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